Aston Martin rides shotgun on a handcrafted Browning

Aston Martin shotgun by Browning – Click above for image gallery

In most situations, we'd rather be driving than riding shotgun. All the more so when there's an Aston Martin in the picture. But for this particular handcrafted creation, we just might make an exception.

The shotgun you're looking at was commissioned by British Aston enthusiast Ron Collier from Browning, the Belgian gunsmith workshop founded by a Mormon from Utah. The B25 12-gauge shotgun took a year to make, and depicts Collier's two 80s-era V8 Vantage Volantes, along with the winged Aston Martin logo.

Since Collier has since parted with the pair of Astons, he's selling the mint-condition firearm as well. Holt Auctioneers will put it under the gavel on June 23, where it is estimated to fetch in the neighborhood of $30,000. Which may seem like a lot for a gun to an outsider, but it strikes us as a good value for a one-of-a-kind Aston Martin (of sorts).

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