Own your own copy of the Road & Track Special: The Space Edition

The crew from Road & Track recently teamed up with NASA astronaut Drew Feustel to create a special-edition issue of the magazine to commemorate STS-134. Along with the infamous April Fools features on both the space shuttle Endeavour and the NASA Crawler, Feustel picked out a handful of his favorite R&T stories from the magazine's illustrious past.
Those include an epic muscle car shoot out from 1967 that covered the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and the Plymouth Barracuda as well as a stack of choice Peter Egan columns. Feustel also threw in a piece on the Lamborghini Miura S from 1988 as well as another article on the Austin-Healey Sprite 1100 from 1963. All told, the collection sounds like the best of Road & Track history.

A copy of the issue is currently circling above Earth on Endeavour right now, but you can order up a terrestrial copy for your own enjoyment from the Road & Track site. Tell them we sent you.

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