Infographic: Scooters save you thousands of dollars

Vespanomics scooter infographic – Click above to view more

Did you know that driving scooters – even if only occasionally – can substantially reduce carbon emissions and save stunning amounts of gasoline? For example, if U.S. cities were redesigned to be more scooter friendly, gas consumption in the States could drop by nearly four billion gallons annually by 2020. That, according to an infographic compiled by the folks at Vespa USA and Mint, would cut our dependence on foreign oil by $21.4 billion per year and reduce annual CO2 emissions by 77.3 billion pounds.

But wait, that's not all. A Vespa that gets 75 miles per gallon has an estimated annual operating cost of $1,940, compared to $8,121 for a compact vehicle rated at 30 mpg and $10,448 for a 21-mpg rated SUV. Want to find out more? Click here to check out the Vespanomics Road to Savings infographic in its entirety.

[Source: Mashable | Infographic: Vespa USA, Mint]

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