Architects model the City of Tomorrow on Ferrari engine components

City of Tomorrow at Ferrari Store London – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ever get the nagging feeling that there are tiny little people or creatures of some sort living inside your engine? Call them gremlins, engine gnomes or what have you, but you're not alone. Duggan Morris Architects took the concept to the next level in a display billed as the Cities of Tomorrow.

The architecture firm participated in an initiative of the Royal Institute of British Architects to craft tiny models of futuristic city-scapes, using a variety of finely-crafted mechanical components from Ferrari race and road cars. The result could very well challenge Detroit for the title of Motor City, though in a very different sense.

Far-fetched? Maybe, but hardly unprecedented: facilities like Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Maranello Village embody the same Prancing Horse spirit in full-size living spaces, even if the buildings aren't shaped like crank shafts. Stop by the Ferrari Store on Regent Street in London to see the display up close, or if that's a little out of reach, have a closer look in our high-resolution image gallery.
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London's Ferrari Store showcases designs for "Cities of Tomorrow"

Maranello, Thursday 12 May 2011 – The Ferrari Store is proud to support the Royal Institute of British Architect's vision for the "Cities of Tomorrow" with a unique and innovative display in all four windows of the flagship store on London's Regent Street. The window designs were created by Duggan Morris Architects and show their vision for how Cities of Tomorrow can take inspiration from one of the most iconic automotive brands to create innovative urban environments of the future. The displays utilise Ferrari memorabilias, original, unique and certified components from past and present of F1 and GT cars, which can be purchased from the Ferrari Store.

The concept of the Cities of Tomorrow display at the Ferrari Store shows future cities as an eclectic mix of creative engineering, architectural innovation and renovation through imaginative reuse and reinvention, where intelligent building systems can be employed to facilitate movement, passive environments and well-being.

The Cities of Tomorrow at the Ferrari Store on Regent Street is currently on show until Sunday 29 May 2011.

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