Citroen to follow Fiat's lead with DS3 Airflow convertible [w/poll]

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Citroën DS3 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Citroën has come a long way with its revived DS line of premium offerings. What started with the basic DS3 hatchback has since grown to include the DS3 Racing hot hatch, the DS3 R3 and DS3 WRC rally machines; the DS4 crossover, and the new DS5. Now it seems a convertible is on the way as well.

Tentatively dubbed as the DS3 Airflow, the rumored convertible will apparently follow a similar approach to that taken by Fiat with the 500C. Look for a retractable fabric roof panel that will retain the pillars and door frames, in effect bridging the gap between a full convertible and a large sunroof. The advantage is a more cost-effective development cycle and superior handling, retaining much of the body's rigidity while offering open-air driving. For our part, we're interested to see what Citroën's designers do with the car's slick B-pillar treatment once the top drops.

European reports say the DS3 Airflow will launch in the spring of 2013. Of course, unlike Fiat, which has finally made a splashy return to North America, Citroën seems content to stay on its side of the Atlantic. Think it's time for the French automaker to come back so we can sample cars like the reborn DS range? Cast your vote in the poll after the jump.

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