Osama bin Laden rejected plans for truck designed to mow down humans

If you've been living in a house with no TV or internet connection, you may not have heard that Osama bin Laden was found and killed. Actually, even if you have been living in such a house, you still probably know about bin Laden. Teams of analysts are combing through a mountain of data recovered from bin Laden's compound, and one nugget of information they've found is a bit surprising; bin Laden was against a proposed plan for U.S.-based Al Qaeda operatives to weld blades to the grilles of pickup trucks and run down pedestrians.

This plan was laid out by Inspire, an English-language magazine by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The magazine stated that drivers of the customized trucks could look for crowded areas, then motor onto the sidewalk and cause major carnage. It's a sick plan, and apparently bin Laden felt the same way. He called it "indiscriminate slaughter," and felt it wasn't in line with what Al Qaeda does.

Yes, seriously. And no, we're not making this up. Read more about this aborted plan and the way bin Laden managed the terror organization from his secluded home at this link.

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