Charging station installs behind schedule in UK

According to BBC News, of the 4,700 charging stations expected to be operational in the UK by year's end, only 704 have been installed. In addition, two-thirds of UK cities with populations in excess of 150,000 do not have any public charging infrastructure whatsoever in place.

The UK's Department of Transport is shooting to have 9,000 plug-in points installed by the end of 2013, but delays, supposedly caused at the local level by difficulties in laying the power cable needed for charging stations, may put hitting that 9,000-unit mark in jeopardy.

Analysts say that the UK will have 8,600 plug-in vehicles registered by the end of 2011 and assert that a target ratio of 1.8 plug-ins per charging station is ideal. By that line of reasoning, the UK will need nearly 4,800 recharging facilities in place before the start of 2012.

[Source: BBC News]

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