Adam Raga stunts on Gas Gas electric trials bike – Click above to watch video after the jump

If you like the irony of a motorcycle maker named "Gas Gas" building an electric trials bike, then you may also appreciate video of said bike celebrating silence in Spain's Valle del Silencio (Valley of Silence). Adam Raga, multiple Indoor and Outdoor World Championship-winning trials bike rider, was recently given the opportunity to explore in and around the village of Peñalba de Santiago on the occasion of Día Internacional Contra el Ruido (International Day Against Noise) and took proper advantage of it.

The two-wheeled workout was Raga's first opportunity to try out an electric bike, but it probably won't be his last. The Spanish company who supplied the prototype would like to offer a version for sale as early as 2012. While he didn't speak specifically about the bike's performance, he did discuss the experience. According to Google Translate, Adam said something along the lines of:

The sensations you experience in this environment are very different to you when you ride in competitions or in training. You're not going to limit the enjoyment looking in nature and you recreate in what you do not only on the bike, but also the world around you. I think this is the way that technology should follow: Always try to seek coexistence with the environment.

Hit the jump to check out some fancy environment coexistent riding for yourself.

[Source: Red Bull]

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