Radiation found on Japanese cars shipped to Chile

According to The Mainichi Daily News, customs agents in Chile have detected low levels of radiation on vehicles shipped from Japan. Of the 2,500 vehicles shipped from the port of Yokohama, radioactivity was detected on 21 once they reached Iquique. The levels of radiation were determined to be too low to be of any harm to humans by the Chilean Nuclear Commission, though that didn't stop around 100 dock workers from protesting on the grounds that their health was needlessly put at risk.

We're just glad that the individuals working to contain Japan's compromised reactors are a little more selfless.

Each of the contaminated vehicles will be hosed down inside the Hyundai 106 container ship that they arrived in, which should contain the radiation inside the vessel. So far, this is the first batch of exported vehicles to show any radioactivity since the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters in Japan this March.

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