Sirius and XM to consolidate channel lineups

Starting on Wednesday, May 4, Sirius Satellite Radio and XM will finally be almost completely indistinguishable from one another. Since their merger, the two satellite radio providers have sported the same channels, just on differently-numbered stations. Starting Wednesday, though, the channel sequences will be the same as well.
The new lineup will more closely ape Sirius' format, which means pop and rock stations will be available starting in the teens, followed by sports beginning at channel 84. Howard Stern will have not one but two stations of his very own, residing at channel 100 and 101 on the new Sirius/XM dial.

Listeners of both companies' broadcasts shouldn't have to spend any time reprogramming their preferences if they want their familiar tunes and talk shows back – the satellite radio provider says it should happen automatically. Either way, for those who frequently move from one car to another, this move is long overdue. See all the details here.

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