Montreal working on new car-sharing program called Communauto

According to CBC News, Montreal is jumping into the car-sharing game. The city is set introduce a pay-by-the-minute network of 400 vehicles spread through downtown, similar to the already-in-place Bixi bike sharing system. The idea is that patrons would be able to nab any car at any time without having to fuss with a reservation. The project is headed by Communauto, which has yet to get full approval from the city council, so details are still murky at the moment.
It's unclear exactly when Communauto* will hit the ground, though earlier reports have pointed to the company launching a fleet of Nissan Leaf EVs by the end of this year.

CBC News reports that rates haven't been finalized as of yet, though Communauto has released a few estimates. Users could pay somewhere around $14 an hour with the maximum fee capped at $65 per day, Canadian. That equates to around $14.66 per hour and a little over $68 per day here in the land of apple pie and inflation.

Communauto says that it plans to mimic similar successful car sharing programs elsewhere, including the German company Car2Go. Thanks for the tip, Eric V!

[Source: CBC News]

*Great name, don't you think?

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