Best Motoring International, Hot Version are officially dead

Those of us brought up in the '90s import scene were dealt a serious blow last week with the announcement that HKS is shuttering its U.S. operations after years of stagnant sales in the States. Now comes word that the video series from Best Motoring International and Hot Version have been killed and the hosts disbanded.

2&4 Motoring, owned by Japanese publishing juggernaut Kodansha, has been responsible for the popular automotive video series for the last two decades, but slow sales and a lack of consistent revenue have taken their toll. The series' creators and their hosts – including Hideki Tanabe – are supposedly moving on to bigger and better things, making Hot Version #110 and April 2011's Best Motoring shows the final installments of the series.

Correction: When originally posting this story, we made a grave error in removing the 7Tune watermark from the photo above. We erroneously assumed this was a stock photo from Best Motoring and we extend our sincere apologies to the photographer Adam Zillin and the crew from 7Tune, who we greatly respect.

[Source: 7Tune | Image Credit: Adam Zillin]

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