Audi has most engaged Facebook fans, beats out Justin Bieber

Facebook is the latest big deal with all kinda of brands all over the world, as companies have spent small fortunes to bolster their social media presence. Has all that attention worked? It apparently has for Audi, as the Four-Ringed automaker has topped everyone in a key statistic.

Mashable reports that a study by Visibli shows Audi has the most engaged fans on Facebook. Better than Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and, perhaps best of all, better than any other automaker. In fact, American Airlines is the only other brand to make the list that isn't a celebrity. To become "most engaged," Audi managed 228 "Likes" out of every 100,000 fans; far exceeding the Bieber's average of 181 per 100,000. This is where we'd typically work in some Bieber lyrics while rubbing it in that he lost, but we can honestly say we don't know any.

So how did Audi manage to top every other brand and celebrity? Visibli CEO Saif Ajani is stumped for answers, adding "we're trying to find out ourselves." One possible explanation is that Audi has been "like-gating" certain content. Basically, you have to "Like" something to view a video, release or photos. Hey, whatever works...

[Source: Mashable via Social Car News]

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