Jesse James starts El Jefe Entertainment to produce motorsports content

Jessie JamesIf you didn't get enough of Jesse James on Monster Garage, you'll soon get the chance to buy a piece of him. James' Payupsucker Productions is working with Circle King Networks to give life to El Jefe Entertainment, which promises authentic enthusiast and motorsports entertainment. But you may not be able to find this information on cable, as Ultimate Motorcycling reports that the content will be made for DVD, Pay Per View and mobile formats.

James is billing El Jefe Entertainment as "an opportunity for me to share with the fans the two things that I love so much, building and racing." The West Coast Chopper icon plans to create a series of how-to videos that teach others his tricks to modding most anything with a motor.

James still has some devout followers, but the past couple years in the media spotlight haven't been all that kind to him. The real question is if enough of those followers are willing to pay for the content they used to get for free on cable.

[Source: Ultimate Motorcycling]

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