Beijing Autos shows T60 based on Saab 9-3

You never know what you'll find cruising the halls of the Shanghai Motor Show. China Car Times has discovered a true oddity of automotive evolution – the Beijing Auto T60 Sedan. What's so curious about this particular four-door? As you may recall, BAIC recently got its hands on the old Saab 9-3 platform, and word on the web is that the automaker was itching to prove that it can hone aging bones into an attractive vehicle. The result is the T60. According to the Chinese automaker, the concept will reach production by 2012.
According to CCT, the T60 received a warm welcome from the auto show crowd. Though the vehicle makes use of design elements lifted from Volvo, Honda and Lexus, the overall effect is attractive enough and as far from the aging 9-3 as you can get. Head over to China Car Times to see the full monty and to check out a complete gallery of the T60 concept.

[Source: China Car Times]

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