Steam Whistle Brewing's electric 1958 Chevrolet Apache

Steam Whistle Brewing electric 1958 Chevrolet Apache – Click above to watchvideo after the jump

Steam Whistle Brewing is known for three things: making high-quality pilsner beer, a green-sensitive ethos and an awesome collection of '50s, '60s and '70s American iron to haul their wares around. The latest addition to their stable is this very green 1958 Chevrolet Apache. The truck was originally motivated by the omnipresent General Motors small-block V8, but for a company with an eco-friendly mindset, that wasn't going to cut it for long.

Instead, the guys at Steam Whistle teamed up with some local Vancouver, Canada mechanics and restorers to replace the truck's fossil fuel-chugging guts with a brushless AC motor turning out an incredible 465 lb.-ft. of torque. That kind of motivation means this thing can ferry bedloads of brew to destinations all around Vancouver by day and then cruise the strip and shred tires with the best of them at night. The best part is Steam Whistle's high-voltage Apache is nearly 100-percent carbon neutral, thanks to wind-generated charging. Click past the jump to see videos of the truck in action.

[Source: YouTube/ Steam Whistle via Carscoop | Image: Carscoop]

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