Revolutionary Pod Transit Could Come To Detroit At No Cost To Taxpayers

Would you believe someone if they said they could revolutionize a city's public transit with no cost to taxpayers? Well that's exactly what Jerry Sanders, chairman and CEO of SkyTran, has proffered Detroit's local government. But, so far, officials haven't expressed much interest in the game-changing idea. SkyTran is an overhead mass-transit system developed in partnership with NASA at the space agency's Ames Research Center. Each four-passenger "pod" runs suspended underneath a maglev rail system that is reportedly 1/20th the cost of surface rail. Rather than relying on a schedule, commuters will be able to request SkyTran pods on-demand using a smartphone app.

"This is state-of-the-art transportation, and it would get so much buzz going." Sanders told the Detroit Free Press' Ron Dzwonkowski, which is precisely why SkyTran is looking to pilot the program in a major city like Detroit.

Top speed for each individual car is reportedly 150 mph, but can be adjusted depending on the comfort level of each passenger. Something so fast must consume lots of energy, right? Not according to Sanders, who plans for the system to collect solar energy that will power virtually the entire network.

This must sound too good to be true for some Detroit officials, as Sanders indicated he hasn't heard back from anyone after making contact last year. The SkyTran CEO told the Freep that Detroit would be a great place to be first -- they "could really show how this can revitalize a city."

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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