Mazda's strange message for New York: "Not Electric, Not Hybrid, Not A Drag To Drive"

File this one under, "huh?"

Here at the New York Auto Show, Mazda's message is all about its Skyactiv technology, including the efficiency benefits that the refined internal combustion engine brings. Fittingly, up high in the rafters here at the Javits Center, Mazda has hung a battle flag ad that reads:

Not Electric. Not Hybrid. Not A Drag To Drive.

We leave it to you to decide if this is a winning message, but we think that real forward-thinking companies would be wise to not take pot shots at hybrids and electric drive vehicles. General Motors thought otherwise, as does Mazda, apparently. Someday soon (and in GM's case, today), Mazda will launch an EV – the Demio (Mazda2) electric is coming in 2012 – so why attack your own future products?

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