Hey, AutoblogGreen fans. On Monday we switched to a brand new commenting system on Autoblog.com, and today we're making the switching on AutoblogGreen. It's a brand new system that lets you log in and start commenting almost instantly using one of six accounts. I'll let the announcement below that we published on Autoblog earlier this week do the rest of the explaining, but let us know your thoughts and suggestions for upgrades in the (new) comments.

Autoblog has a brand-new commenting system that works, which is not something that could often be said about the system it's replacing. We're happy to see that old one off, and we've purposely avoided loading up the new one with fancy bells and whistles that get in the way of a commenting system's fundamental purpose: discussion.

What our new commenting system does do extremely well is offer a myriad of ways to sign in and start talking about cars immediately. You can sign in using any one of six different accounts you may already have: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, AOL and AIM. It also features an extra commenting thread, so you can now reply to a reply.

Yes, this does mean that we unfortunately could not port over user accounts from the old system. We decided having everyone start from scratch was a reasonable price to pay for a brand-new, reliable commenting system, and we hope you agree after giving it a test drive.

So get behind the wheel and let us know what you think... in the comments. And keep coming back, because this is just the first of many upgrades we plan on making under the hood of Autoblog in the coming months.

Follow the jump for more details on our new commenting system.

What You Should Know About AutoblogGreen's New Commenting System
  • Log in using one of six different accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, AOL and AIM
  • The name that appears next to your comment is the user ID associated with whichever account you use to log in
  • The avatar that appears next to your name is the one associated with whichever account you use to log in
  • Your profile from the old commenting system is no longer active and will not work with the new system
  • You can now reply to a reply
  • Vote comments up or down
  • Use the "Report Abuse" link to let us know about inflammatory, offensive and otherwise uncivil comments (Please!)
Commenting Guidelines
We all love talking about green cars, so let's do that in a way that celebrates our shared interest rather than forcing us to excommunicate our fellow enthusiasts from the conversation. We don't like deleting comments or banning commenters, but will do just that if we decide a comment or commenter is not contributing to an informative, entertaining and on-topic discussion. Any comment we deem offensive, inflammatory, off-topic or just plain spam will be deleted, and if a pattern exists or the offending comment warrants, the commenter will be banned. So just keep it civil, respect your fellow enthusiasts, and remember that despite popular belief, there are consequences to your actions on the Internet.

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