GM's Larry Nitz says public charging stations aren't really necessary

When plug-in vehicles are not cruising down the road, "they're home and they're at work" says Larry Nitz, General Motors' executive director-hybrid and electric powertrain. That's precisely why Nitz told Ward's Auto (sub. req.) at the 2011 SAE World Congress that recharging a plug-in automobile in retail parking lots while shopping is "inconsequential."

Nitz says plug-in vehicles will predominantly be charged at two locations – at home and at work. Nitz refers to the work charge as the "golden charge" and says that it could occur "five days a week" and be a "meaningful charge." For that reason, Nitz supports the installation of charging stations at workplaces.

But Frank Wong, a spokesman for AeroVironment, sort of disagrees. Wong claims that it's "presumptuous" to draw any conclusions when plug-in vehicles are just starting to hit the market, stating that, "It's still early to know exactly which business model makes the most sense." So, whose side are you on?

[Source: Ward's Auto – sub. req.]

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