Besturn B30 looks remarkably current for a 30-year-old VW Jetta

From the outside, China's upcoming Besturn B30 looks like an appropriately modern, cheap, and cheerful econocar. Under the modern skin, though, lurks the skeleton of the second-generation Volkswagen Jetta. That's right, China's newest widely-affordable small sedan is little more than a rebodied 30-year-old German sedan.

It may seem totally insane a little strange to try and market a new car based on wheezy old VW architecture, but if cost cutting is your goal, it starts to make a little sense. Money saved on new technology can be put to use giving the car a sleek wrapper, while still keeping the MSRP in the basement.

The second-generation Jetta is apparently extremely popular in China, which means Besturn could have made an extremely shrewd move by updating the car's looks and leaving its mechanicals alone. Thanks to its yestertech origins, the B30 benefits from an enormous base of spare parts and mechanical know-how even before its debut this week at the Shanghai Motor Show.

[Source: ChinaCarTimes]

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