Video: "Sexual Transmission" is hilariously disturbing

Cue up Marvin Gaye and watch Tony "fix" this car – Click above to watch video after the jump

How much do you love your car? Do you know what it takes to keep it happy? We thought we did, but it turns out we're not doing everything we can to satisfy our cars needs. In the video shown here, Cory and Tony are two friends out for a drive when Cory's vehicle starts acting up. Tony knows just what to do, and things get a little... blue.

Click past the jump to view the clip, but we have to warn you that its subject matter might be Not Safe For Work. The language on display is likely fine. Maybe. We're really confused with our emotions at the moment, but we think we finally know how to fix Zach Bowman's International.

[Source: YouTube]

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