WTF? Gas prices around the world range from $11 to 12 cents a gallon

Here's a frightening number (to anyone without a plug-in car, anyway): the average cost of 50 liters of gasoline reached €75 this month. As you can probably tell from the metric system usage there, we're not talking about fuel prices in the U.S. Instead, this is the situation in France, where the cost is expected to jump to €2 a liter soon. According to Autoblog France, the CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, said there is "no doubt" that €2 fuel is coming soon, adding that "Hopefully this does not happen too fast, otherwise the consequences will be dramatic." Well, yeah.
How much is €2 a liter? It's $10.88 a gallon at today's exchange rates, so anyone in America who wants to complain about $4 gallons should probably not do so around a Frenchman. A Venezuelan might have more sympathy, as gas is subsidized to 12 cents a gallon there. ABC News has collected a few more national averages (Japan: $6.77 a gallon, Libya: 52 cents) with the main message being that the U.S. is about in the middle. Just something to chew on the next time you're filling up.

[Source: ABC News, Autoblog France]

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