Worth the wait: Senator Carl Levin buys a Chevy Volt

Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, dubbed the " Auto Industry's Best Friend," is practicing what he preaches. The long-serving senator is now the proud owner of a Volt, the first sold by the LaFontaine Chevrolet dealership. Excited about his new purchase, Levin said:

It'll come to Washington. I'm taking it to the airport to pick up my wife, and I'll be driving it all weekend. I don't want to have anybody but me and my wife drive this car the first couple of days. But then the staffer who was really dying to drive this car back to Washington got the luck of the draw, so he'll be driving it back.

Levin has long been a proponent of clean vehicles. Along with his brother, Michigan U.S. Representative Sander Levin, he pushed for legislation that raises the cap for tax credits for hybrid and electric vehicles from 200,000 to 500,000 per manufacturer. Not only does he stand to benefit from the fruit of his labors, but the increased amount of vehicles eligible for the tax credits will certainly help President Obama's goal of getting a million electric vehicles on the streets by 2015.

[Source: Heritage]

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