Germany, Italy, France argue over European plug standards for electric vehicles

A scuffle over different types of connectors for plug-in vehicles has derailed Europe's attempt to adopt a standardized charging plug. According to EurActiv, this highlights "industrial jealousy" as the plug-in vehicle sector grows to enter the mainstream automotive market. The European Union's "focus group on electro-mobility" had aimed to adopt a connector standard for recharging plug-in vehicles by the end of March, but a battle between rival designs has postponed the decision.

Sources close to EU's focus group reportedly told EurActiv that France and Italy expressed safety concerns over Germany's plug design. The German connector was expected to be adopted as the European standard, but the French and Italians blocked it for reasons that are thought to extend beyond the plug itself. EurActiv reports that an undisclosed source with close ties to the EU's focus group said that the scuffle, "is very regrettable and it is clear that industrial interests are at stake."

[Source: EurActiv | Image: Jonas Dalidd / AOL]

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