DiRT 3 hidden games and party mode revealed

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The release of DiRT 3 is nigh upon us and, as a final teaser, game maker Codemasters has revealed an intriguing three-game party mode. The party mode consists of mini games and will serve as an escape for those who get tired of sliding Ken Block's WRC Ford Fiesta around gravel-strewn corners at breakneck speed. It also means there will be a welcome multiplayer mode to an already awesome racing title.

Party mode's three mini games all sound like an excellent way to avoid homework, housework, taxes, lawn mowing or emotional interaction with other human beings. The first, called Invasion, has players driving around an open parking lot attempting to destroy cardboard robots while avoiding skyscrapers, which could turn out to also be robots.

The second game is Outbreak, where a glowing-green "infected" player tries to spread his car's disease by crashing into opponents. Last man standing without the verdant infection leaves the game victorious.

The last game is Transporter, where players careen around in search of spontaneously-appearing flags. Once you claim a flag, you have to return it to your home base without being mugged by another player.

Essentially, party mode combines a Mario Party-style multiplayer mode with a straightforward rally-racing game. The marketability of that seems more than plausible, and the prospect of breaking up racing with some good, old-fashioned playground games sounds like a winner to us.

[Source: Joystiq]

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