Video: Google talks about its driverless car tech at TED

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Sebastien Thurn has made it his life's work to save one million lives from traffic accidents. Thurn has been instrumental in the development of Google's DARPA Challenge-winning driverless car technology at Stanford University, and he's confident that his technology can not only save lives, but eliminate traffic jams.

Thurn's footage of a driverless Toyota Prius is nothing short of incredible, showing the cars successfully navigating deserts, highways and city streets clogged with traffic and pedestrians. So far, the driverless car's most impressive journey has been from San Francisco to Los Angeles down Highway One.

Beyond just city and highway driving, Thurn has provided footage of the driverless Prius and a driverless Volkswagen Passat successfully navigating an autocross-style cones course, proving these cars can handle a wide range of driving styles. The cars function by employing a series of sensors to detect their environment, and use a computer program to respond to what's going on around them.

Thurn was on hand at this year's TED Conference to discuss the idea and show footage from 140,000 miles of driverless car tests conducted by Stanford. The TED Conference serves as a forum for innovative ideas, publishing video seminars and ideas year round, and hosting two in-person conferences per year. The foundation has been holding conferences and publishing content on a creative commons license since 1990. Check out the video after the jump.

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