Report: 127-car pileup in Abu Dhabi kills one, injures 61

An enormous pileup on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway left one man dead and 61 people injured early Saturday morning. According to police and witnesses, the pileup happened around 8am between Sahama and Ghantoot and was caused by a combination of speeding and heavy fog.

Police were reportedly on the scene with 100 units from the Abu Dhabi police department, backed up by the army, civil defense force and ambulances, all within five minutes of the crash. Despite the size of the accident, the sheer volume of police and emergency personnel on hand meant the accident was cleared and traffic flow restored in just two hours. Their job was made even more difficult by the fog, which reduced visibility to less than 150 feet and precluded the use of helicopters to evacuate people from the accident scene, which stretched for more than a mile.

[Source: Gulf News | Image: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News]

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