Video: Sebastian Vettel on the benefits of KERS, adjustable rear wing

Sebastian Vettel on KERS – Click above to view video after the jump

Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, winner of last weekend's Formula 1 opening round in Australia, has taken to YouTube to explain what the addition of KERS and and an adjustable rear wing means for drivers. Technically speaking, KERS is good for a six-second, 80-horsepower boost.

According to Vettel, that's best used as a way to help get off the grid ahead of the pack, or sneak through a gap in traffic at the start of a race. Otherwise, it can be used to hold off an attack during the race or as an edge going for the overtake.

The adjustable rear wing is only available as an overtaking aid at certain points in a race within a specified distance of an opponent. It's designed to reduce the increased drag when a driver steps out of the slipstream and into clean air. By reducing the wing's pitch, the driver can lose some of the increased resistance. Click past the jump for Vettel's explanation.

[Source: YouTube]

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