Chevrolet to take on Mustang Cobra Jet and Challenger Drag Pak with race-only Camaro?

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In recent years, Ford and Dodge have produced limited-edition, drag-race-only models built to compete in various NHRA classes. Both automakers have amped up their programs for 2011, with Ford releasing the revised Mustang Cobra Jet and Dodge unveiling its V10-powered Challenger Drag Pak at SEMA last November.

Will Chevrolet join the party? While General Motors hasn't hinted that it will, its competition at Ford Racing appears to know otherwise. In an interview regarding the Cobra Jet, Ford Racing's drag racing competition manager, Jesse Kershaw, hinted at a new Camaro built for drag racing:

"Some people revel in competition and some people don't like the competition, but what is really interesting is that we're seeing a resurgence of the muscle car wars from the late '60s. So we see where the competition like Dodge has produced a Challenger to compete with us, and now they've had to step up their ante with a V10 version. We know that General Motors is on track to release a Camaro version. I think that the NHRA fans as well as the racers themselves are very excited to get out there and have this new era of horsepower war."

Both Ford and Dodge unveiled their purpose-built drag racers at SEMA, so we'll have our eyes and ears open for any potential news from GM come November.

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[Source: Ford Racing TV]

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