It's Friday: Toyota Prius sets crazy URDB records [w/video]

Toyota Prius records – Click above to watch video after the jump

The Toyota Prius has done it. What's that, you ask? Well, it set tons of records, many of which may never be challenged. We're not talking "real" records. More like the "craziest, most entertainingest, smartest and funnest" records ever attempted in and around a Prius. The goal: "to set as many Universal Record Database (URDB) world records as possible."

The two-day, record-setting live Internet spectacle kicked off on March 30th and, according to Toyota "it was a day to remember." Within ten hours, nearly 100 Prius records were attempted, with almost every one "setting a new bar." There were records involving tree hugging (ha!), goats, noodles, jelly beans, pencils under the nose, Post-it notes, toilet paper and so much more. Hop the jump to catch the zany and often times ridiculous record-setting Prius pandemonium.

[Source: You Tube]

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