Too much fun: a round up of today's important news

Some times, we just can't fit in all of the news of a day into our schedule of posts, so here's a brief round-up of some of the green car stories we missed on this important. Enjoy!
Most important – after the announcement of the Volt convertible early this morning – was news of a Volt truck (pictured, as snapped by GM Insider). Details are scarce, but GMI points out that, "a small pick up that can haul up to a reported 500lbs in its small 6.5 foot bed, or tow over 750 pounds for 60 to 80 miles gas free should make these trucks a hot commodity."

Over at the EPA came the announcement that only round letters will be allowed in car names because they are more aerodynamic and provide better fuel economy. The EPA's Lisa Jackson said, "the low-hanging fruit of logo drag is simply too juicy not to pluck." Truer words.

From the, "Why didn't we think of this before?" files comes news of BP's new technology that allows you to refill your battery at the pump and the new Silicon Valley venture-funded startup NuTankX, which has developed a way to quickly swap out your empty gas tank for a full one. Hey, if it works for Better Place, why wouldn't it work for NuTankX? These ideas are so simple they're dangerous. Did you see any other news like this we missed today?

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