Brammo Enertia goes offroad, hunts the mighty Sasquatch with Animal Planet

Brammo Enertias on the trail of Sasquatch – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Somewhere in the deep woods the Sasquatch lurks, all fur and feet and funky smell, doing what it does best, avoiding humans. But now, Animal Planet's Lost Tapes is hot on the cryptid's trail, determined to sniff it out and show the world the truth that so many have suspected all along. The show's secret weapon? A pair of Brammo Enertias.

That's right, wise to the man-ape's keen sense of hearing, the hunters are using the stealth mode electric motorbikes provide. They've also taken the precaution of painting the bikes a drab olive green in case the rumors about the beast's color blindness are just an old wives' tale. While we're pretty sure Bigfoot has smelled worse, it's a plus for the riders that the knobby-tire clad Enertia's don't stink of burned hydrocarbons that might dull their olfactory abilities.

If the hunt is successful and the tall furry one is as intelligent as some believe, there is a chance an impressed Sasquatch may take advantage of this opportunity to barter for its own custom-sized Enertia. Hit the jump for the video teaser from Animal Planet as well as a bonus video of the original Patterson footage.

[Source: BrammoFan / Brammo]

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