Video: Kobe Bryant uses Smart Fortwo Brabus to catch art thief

Kobe Bryant saves the day in Smart Fortwo Brabus – Click above to watch the video after the jump

The Smart brand, looking for a sales lift in China, has enlisted the lanky likes of Kobe Bryant for its " Big, In The City" ad campaign. A newly released video has the internationally known NBA star assuming the role of a quick thinking/driving man of both style and action with a keen sense of aim.

With the aid of a shiny black Smart Fortwo Brabus that he – or perhaps a stunt double – throws around corners and through traffic, Kobe comes to the aid of a damsel in distress with flair as he chases down an art thief and utilizes his on-court abilities to administer a chase-ending coup de grâ ce.

The campaign will reportedly undertake a 25-city Chinese road trip, the highlight of which is an appearance by the Los Angeles Lakers star at a Smart customer party in July. Hit the jump for some Smart Brabus and Bryant action.

[Source: Advertising @ Chinasmack]

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