Study: Men more likely to overrule GPS than women, still won't stop for directions

The voice of the navigation system tells you to turn right, but you are absolutely positive that it's a better idea to go straight for two more streets and then turn left. Do you listen to the sat-nav, or your gut? If you're a man, you're more likely to stick to your guns, at least according to a study by UK insurance retailer Swinton.

The study, which polled 3,000 users about their navigation habits, discovered that 83 percent of men have disobeyed their nav system at least once, compared to under 75 percent for women. The study also showed that one-third of all participants surveyed felt their navigation system took them between one and five kilometers astray, while half say the system's directions led to an in-car argument with a passenger.

Steve Chelton, Insurance Development Manager at Swinton, points out that, "a sat-nav should aid your own navigational abilities rather than replace them." That's a good point to be sure, but what should a driver do to make sure their nav isn't giving them the high-tech shaft? Two-thirds of the drivers in the study keep an old-fashioned paper map in the car just in case.

[Source: National Post | Image: Chris Shunk/AOL]

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