Video: Watch split-screen action of 2011 Nissan GTR vs. Corvette ZR1

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Last week we told you about the fresh, faster Nürburgring track times of the Nissan GTR, with video that proves that Godzilla 2012 managed to shave 2.48 seconds off its best lap. We were under the impression that the GTR's new top time wasn't enough to best the Corvette ZR1, but a side-by-side (or rather a top-to-bottom) comparison video of both runs gives us the definitive answer.

Beyond the jump is a video pitting the in-car camera view of the ZR1 (top screen) versus the 2012 GTR (bottom screen). Pay close attention from the five minute mark to about 6:20 into the clip, as the vehicle with the lead loses it for good at this point in the race. Very entertaining little competition, but you'll have to hit the jump and watch to see the winner for yourself.

[Source: CarScoop]

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