Report: Japanese automakers to discuss rotating schedule of production

Automakers in Japan are desperate to restart their factories, but part shortages are in many instances holding up production. But that's not the only issue, as rolling blackouts are making it difficult for the manufacturing sector to maintain steady operation.

USA Today reports that one solution to the problem could be a rotating schedule. Basically, Japan's automakers would alternate which days plants would be open for business. The plan could be as simple as ' Toyota runs on Monday, Honda gets Tuesday, Nissan gets Wednesday and smaller automakers get Thursday.' Alternatively, automakers could alternate shifts on a per-region basis so as not to stress the weakened power grid. Bloomberg reports that automakers will meet soon discuss a rotating schedule.

Japan's all-important auto industry is still early in the process of getting back on track, so we're likely to hear a lot more oddball ideas like a rotating production schedule. Ultimately, automakers will need to get back to full-scale production in the next few weeks, or car buyers around the world (including here in the U.S.) will start to feel the pain.

[Source: USA Today]

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