Ford SVT Raptor RV created by Phoenix Campers

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The Ford SVT Raptor is a special kind of truck. After all, there aren't many mass production vehicles on this planet capable of performing the off-roading feats that the Blue Oval rig can do without breaking a sweat. But what happens when your trailblazing journey involves an overnight stay, and there are no Holiday Inns out in the middle of the desert?

Phoenix Campers thinks they have the answer in the form of a specially built pop-up camper unit that fits within the 5.5-foot bed of the Raptor. The snug-fitting camper top can be had in body color, complete with an extension of the digital mud available on the flanks of every Raptor. The camper features a refrigerator, three burner stove and a double sink with water tank. The main bed in the cabover portion is a full queen-size, and if out the dinette you're greeted with a blow-up queen sized bed with electric pump that measures out to a short but predictable 5.5-feet in length.

More important is the fact that this camper fits securely in the bed, giving the owner the ability to shut the tailgate for extra security. The unit is also relatively light weight, which means that this Phoenix Camper shouldn't kill the Raptor's off-road chops.

But while Phoenix Campers touts this camper's utility and sturdiness, the company can't hide the fact that this makeshift mobile home is less than appealing to the eye. But hey, if you've bought a Raptor expressly for going off-roading, you're probably more interested in the fact that this capable little pop-up camper won't do much to hamper performance.

  • Ford SVT Raptor with Phoenix Camper
    • Ford SVT Raptor with Phoenix Camper
  • Ford SVT Raptor with Phoenix Camper

[Source: | Truck Camper Magazine]

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