VIDEO: ECOmove QBEAK driving topless, coupe version revealed

ECOmove QBEAK – Click above to watch video after the jump

After spending the Danish winter stuck inside – no doubt hanging upside down from the ceiling of someone's spacious white-walled loft because the little city commuter is just cool like that – the QBEAK by ECOmove has finally made it out of doors and was recently seen rolling happily along in the Spring sun. Luckily for us, the event was filmed and that original footage has been used in a promotional video from the company.

Also included in this new flick is a rendering of the QBEAK looking much more practical with a roof and a complete greenhouse. It's a pretty straight-ahead design without any swoops that might impinge on rear passenger head space. Interestingly, we're informed in a graphic that it has electric sliding doors and while we don't see them in motion, the original video does show it open, revealing a floor partially cut away to allow the driver easy access to his center-mounted seat. Hit the jump for some QBEAK promo action along with the complete original rolling footage.

[Source: ECOmove]

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