The breast implant defense?

Romanian TV star Simona Sensual – Click above to view video after the jump

Simona Suhoi is a TV star in her native Romania, where she's known as Simona Sensual for reasons we'll leave to you to figure out. Unfortunately for the ample-chested Simona, her best assets may send her to jail for a spell.

It seems the busty star's new breast implants were giving her severe chest pain, so she hopped in the car to have the matter checked out. The problem was, Ms. "Sensual" had a suspended license after an accident. Police stopped the top-heavy starlet, who claimed she had no choice but to drive, given the severity of her pain and the lack of taxis nearby.

Ms. Suhoi faces five years in the clink if she gets convicted of driving without a license, and has vowed to fight the charge. Her plight goes to show that airbags really can be dangerous. Click past the jump to see "Simona Sensual" in action on Romanian TV.

[Source: The Register]

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