The forums are alight with word that BMW will be bringing something unique to this year's Tokyo Motor Show. According to the BMW-obsessed crowd over at, the Roundel is looking to flex its muscles when it comes to lightweight engineering with an M concept that boasts the best the company has to offer. Supposedly, the chassis will use a plethora of exotic materials to shave off every last pound, including magnesium, titanium, thermoplastic and carbon fiber. Unfortunately, it sounds like the concept will be a one-off piece and not something that's destined for production. A real shame since we could really go for a 1 Series CSL.

That doesn't mean BMW won't use the technology in the concept in its production vehicles, though. The German manufacturer has made it clear that carbon-fiber reinforced plastic is going to be a big part of its vehicles moving forward, and we wouldn't be surprised to see the material joined by other lightweight components as shedding pounds becomes increasingly important to meeting fuel economy and performance goals.

[Source: M3 Post]

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