Porsche working on "Pajun" baby Panamera?

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Remember taking your SATs? They were filled with reasoning questions like this one: Cajun is to Cayenne as ___ is to Panamera. Give up? The answer, according to the latest reports from Germany, is "Pajun."

That's the tentative name rounding the rumormill in connection to a potential baby brother to the Porsche Panamera. Just as the automaker is developing a Cayenne Junior dubbed Cajun, so too could a Panamera Junior be in the cards.

There doesn't appear to be much detail in the reports beyond speculation, but the reasoning strikes us as sound enough. If the Boxster and Cayman have proven successful underneath the 911, and the business model for the Cajun has been approved to slot in below the Cayenne, why not follow the same path with a smaller Panamera?

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