Awesome Deliver-E trike is an electrified postal dream machine

Since the 1980s, the Australia Post has counted on the Honda CT110 to deliver letters across the continent. Simon Williams thinks it's about time for a change.

Williams, who invented the Deliver-E (say it out loud), thinks he's created the trike to replace the CT110 as Australia's "Postie Bike." With a pair of electric motors propelling the Deliver-E trike to to a top speed of 50 miles per hour and the ability to run for 40 miles on a full charge, inventor, he might be right. Williams believes that the Deliver-E's stability, off-road ability, standard reverse gear and safety makes its far superior to the now-infamous CT110.

The Deliver-E's pivoting rear swing arms allow the trike to tackle small obstacles with ease and lessen the impact felt when hitting potholes. Williams says that the swingarms help the bike carve through corners and hop curbs.

There is one little problem before the Deliver-E brings postal goodness to people across Australia: money. To that end, Williams is looking to secure funding to turn his electrified postal machine into something more than just a dream.

[Source: Gizmag]

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