This is what it looks like when an F1 team makes a bicycle [w/video]

S-Specialized + McLaren Venge bicycle – Click above for high-res image gallery

If you were going to ride a bicycle designed by a British automaker, who would you want to build it – Land Rover or McLaren? If it were a mountain bike, maybe Land Rover. But for a racing bike like this one, we'll go with McLaren.

Shortly after the debut of the Range Rover Evoque road bike comes this very slick racing bike, designed and fabricated collaboratively by McLaren and Specialized. The latter, as you might have guessed, contributed the basic bicycle-building know-how, while McLaren Applied Technologies brought the expertise in lightweight materials garnered from winning 169 grands prix, 12 drivers' Championships and eight Constructors' titles over the course of its years in Formula One. The result is a frame that weighs just 2.09 lbs – some 10-15 percent lighter than other carbon-fiber bike frames, achieved through a new way of cutting the fiber sheets.

The S-Specialized + McLaren Venge made its debut at the classic Milan-San Remo race this past weekend, where 2009 Tour de France winner Mark Cavendish rode it to finish a respectable 52nd out of the 156 cyclists who actually completed the race. Follow the jump, if you're so inclined, to watch video footage of one of McLaren's engineers geeking out on how the Venge was developed, or just skip straight to the high-resolution images in the gallery below.

[Source: McLaren]

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