Grace creates an e-bike for the masses... sort of

The Grace Pro race might be the Terminator's moped, but its price seemed to be adjusted for a post-apocalyptic 2029. So Grace set out to create a new version that's more assessable to the masses with a sticker that's nearly half of the original.

The Grace One swaps out some of the more exotic components for lower cost pieces and includes a new fork and a forged aluminum frame. Three variants are available: the Pedelec with a 250-watt motor, the S-Pedelec packing 500 watts and the E-Motorbike with a face-mashing 1,300 watts of juice.

And compared to the Pro, the cost is almost justifiable with a starting price of €3,999. Still tough to swallow, but with 1,300 watts of power, your tongue will be probably be lodged in your throat anyway.

[Source: Grace via TechnologicalVehicles]

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