Chrysler has reportedly brought the hammer down on a group of Ohio Jeep dealers who cooked up their own version of the company's "Imported from Detroit" slogan for the brand's 70th anniversary. According to the Toledo Blade, Jeep dealers in the Buckeye State are being told the riff will weaken the impact of Chrysler's most popular ad slogan in decades.
Chrysler has also made known that it is also not okay with word of a Wrangler with the slogan emblazoned on its doors driving on to the ice at Toledo Walleyes minor league hockey games. The slogan reportedly originated from Monroe Dodge Superstore in Monroe, Michigan (a short drive from Toledo), when owner Ralph Mahalak Jr., had 600 of the shirts printed up as part of a celebration to introduce Chrysler's 16 new or redesigned 2011 models.

The shirts were selling for $19.41 a piece as a tribute to Jeep's birth year, and were emblazoned with the "imported from Toledo" slogan and "Jeep 70th Anniversary." To stave off a trademark battle, Mahalak has apparently agreed to give the shirts away to anyone who test drives a Jeep, and then kill the slogan.

[Source: Toledo Blade via Jalopnik]

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