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Trying to capitalize on the emerging plug-in vehicle segment, DBT, a French firm established back in 1990 and has installed more than 6,000 charging stations in 20 countries around the globe, is finally launching a U.S. division.

In January, DBT set up shop in Chicago, IL and officially launched its North American subsidiary, DBT USA. Though the company has established its headquarters, it's still trying to secure a facility to manufacture and assemble its chargers in the U.S. DBT says that it will offer solar-powered chargers as well as the more conventional electrical charging stations (Levels 1 through 3).

Here's an interesting bit of info on DBT's charging stations: every one of the 6,000 chargers that the firm installed over the years is still in operation today. If nothing else, this implies that the company's products are reasonably durable and we may see DBT stations dot the landscape for years to come.

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EV Charging Station Provider DBT Launches U.S. Operations

Chicago, March 2, 2011 DBT, the No. 1 charging station manufacturer in Europe, opened a new U.S. subsidiary in Chicago this January: DBT USA. With more than 6,000 units installed in more than 20 countries to date, DBT is the world's leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. DBT USA business operations are already underway in Chicago, and U.S. assembly operations are planned to begin later this year.

DBT USA provides turnkey charging infrastructure hardware and software, as well as integration services for every EV charging application, including fleet, public, and in-home. In addition to providing Level I, Level II and Level III DC quick chargers, DBT USA has also secured strategic partnerships to offer a full range of sustainable charging infrastructure. Agreements with AllCell Technologies (www.allcelltech.com) and Sun Phocus Technologies (www.sunphocus.com) allow DBT to offer solar-powered turnkey on-grid and off-grid solutions. Under the agreements, AllCell will provide lithium-ion battery packs protected by AllCell's revolutionary passive thermal management system, while Sun Phocus will provide solar panels utilizing cutting-edge holographic planar concentrating (HPC) technology.

The integrated offering is a good match for the U.S. market, according to Herve Borgoltz, president of DBT. "The U.S. electric vehicle market is entering an exciting period of growth, and we are looking forward to helping consumers and businesses make the most of their investments in e-mobility. We are confident that our long history of innovative EV charging combined with our exciting new partnerships will allow us to provide our customers with exceptional value," Borgoltz says.

With the combination of charging stations, solar-generation, and energy storage, DBT USA's customers will be able to design customized systems based on vehicle use, budget, location, and sustainability goals. DBT USA customers will be able to choose from three solutions: 1. 100% Renewable: all electricity is solar-generated and stored locally, off-grid 2. Net Zero: solar energy fed into grid matches vehicle electricity use 3. E-mobility Optimization: on-grid without renewable generation

DBT's 6,000 installed stations are the direct result of the company's long history of innovation and collaboration. After its founding in 1990, DBT began as a leader in electric equipment design and manufacturing, producing energy supply units and transformers. In the early 1990s, European government electric mobility pilot programs provided a unique opportunity for the company to collaborate with car manufacturers, utilities, municipalities and other fleet owners to design cutting-edge EV charging infrastructure. As a result of that work, DBT developed unparalleled experience, insight and technical expertise in EV charging. Every charging station DBT has ever installed is still in operation, providing a testament to the durability of even the earliest products.

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