Chevrolet Volt transmission

Okay, let's preface this post by stating what should be obvious by now: our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that crippled Japan. The toll on human life, which is of the utmost concern in this disaster, remains unknown. However, the impact that the quake has had on automakers across the globe is now becoming evident.

The nuclear crisis in Japan, triggered by the quake and tsunami, might disrupt supply of the Japanese-built transmissions for the Chevrolet Volt. This is according to Mark Reuss president of General Motors. Reuss' words run counter to those of GM spokesman Rob Peterson, who told Inside Line that:
Volt production is currently not impacted by the crisis in Japan. We continue to monitor the situation closely as we do for all GM products.
For the record, the window sticker on the Volt indicates that the car's "electric drive unit" is sourced from Japan and unconfirmed reports indicate that the factory responsible for pumping out this vital part of the Volt's drivetrain apparently shut down sometime after the quake hit.

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[Source: Inside Line]

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