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Video: Hot Wheels holds 3D race on side of historic Aussie building

Hot Wheels 3D advertisement – Click above to view video after the jump

Hot Wheels teamed up with an Amsterdam-based company called Muse Digital to create a 3D commercial that can be projected onto buildings. In this case, Hot Wheels had Muse make them a 3D, computer-generated race between four of its iconic models.

The race was projected onto the side of the historic Sydney Customs House. So advanced are the projected 3D graphics that the building appears to get destroyed throughout the course of the race, as familiar orange track bursts through the walls and a number of other calamities ensue.

The video itself is pretty campy, but the technology behind it is seriously cool. Click past the jump to see the clip in its entirety.

[Source: YouTube via MotorworldHype]

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