Japanese tsunami footage from inside a car – Click above to watch the video after the break

Modern technology means that the world has an almost constant and unlimited amount of coverage of major news stories from all around the planet. That's certainly true of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, especially since Japan is one of the most tech-happy countries in the world.

And so it comes as little surprise that at least one Japanese man had a camera running in his car as he attempted to flee the impending rush of water near the coastline. Suffice it to say that his plans to escape failed miserably. Thankfully, though, the man lived to tell the tale, as did his footage.

Click past the break to see a truly harrowing video of a Japanese motorist's car being engulfed by a two-meter tsunami. Again, this driver is truly lucky to have survived, and we know that hundreds if not thousands of Japanese citizens weren't so fortunate. Our thoughts remain with the survivors.

[Source: Telegraph]

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